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By using clean burning natural gas or propane on your site you may be able to reduce your energy consumption at your facility by as much as 90%. By using Combined Heat and Power system's also known as (CHP) not only can you save on power but you can also reduce your carbon foot print, become energy independent, and even keep the power on when the utility power goes out. 



KI Energy is Alaska's premier completing interest energy technology solutions company. Est. in 2017 KI Energy is quickly becoming the company of choice for energy solutions throughout Alaska's rural and urban communities. Dedicated to working with the building owner to ensure that there needs are met to maximize the savings at the facility paybacks as low as 3yrs. can be realized. 


KI Energy offers to all owners full comprehensive services to make the project process a complete success. Including energy analysis, system design, project management, commissioning and after sales service and many more. 


KI Energy is excited about the outcome of the Transalaska building located in Wasilla. Once the installation of a 35kW CHP was completed, the project has saved the business owner 90% off of their electric utility bills during the winter months. It has also reduced the 18,000 sq. ft. facility carbon footprint by more than 33%. When the earthquake hit the area it was one of only a handful of buildings that still had power due to the CHP being designed as a Black Out System, which allows for the CHP system to operate during a utility  power outage 


"It works! YANMAR's 35 kW CHP has exceeded expectations, and the reliability is great! I love the fact that the unit reports problems even when it is not on the grid (not the unit) acting up. The system has protected the building and it's tenants during a couple of blackout situations, and the tenants were grateful that they were able to continue working and stay warm during a severe storm."

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