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KI Energy

KI Energy, LLC. is a Native Alaskan company and is a subsidiary of Knikatnu Inc. and KI Energy's goal is to bring affordable energy solutions to Alaskan businesses who face America's longest and coldest winters. Alaska with one of the highest energy costs in the nation, for both heat and power.

KI Energy partners with Alaskan business and residential home owners to develop their own facilities comprehensive energy efficient and energy resilient plan to dramatically reduce energy costs to increase building efficiencies, performance and value.


Working together, KI Energy and our partners bring Alaskans worldwide tested and proven technologies. With each additional system coming on line, KI Energy is positioned to document for the entire state, that Alaska is on its way to becoming the national leader in energy efficient solutions, with less reliance on the utility grid, one micro or Nano grid at a time.

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Project highlight: TransAlaska Building

KI Energy installed North America’s first Yanmar 35kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Blackout System at the TransAlaska Building, in the middle of Wasilla, Alaska, in 2017. By December of 2018, the TransAlaska Yanmar CHP had documented a 93% drop in monthly power utility bills, with less than a 2% increase in annual heating costs. These savings represent a less than 4 year ROI, with sustainable, secured energy resiliency, and a more reliable source for heating and power needs.


When the 7.0 magnitude Alaskan Earthquake hit on November 30, 2018, the entire Southcentral Power Grid went down for more than four hours. The TransAlaska CHP Blackout System not only survived the earthquake, it was only one of three Wasilla buildings fully operational with power within minutes, and just eight miles from the epicenter.



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