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What is CHP ?

CHP also know by several different names, such as Combined Heat and Power or commonly known as Cogeneration. CHP is an energy efficient system that generates electricity and captures the heat that would otherwise be wasted to provide useful thermal energy—such as steam or hot water—that can be used for space heating, cooling, domestic hot water and industrial processes.

KI Energy have  teamed together with the world wide leaders of CHP, to be Alaska's leader in CHP energy solutions. Our Combined Heat and Power systems uses an internal combustion engines, powered by clean natural gas or propane, to produce both heat and electric power. The unit efficiently utilizes up to 95+% of the fuel burn versus 33% burn rate of conventional, from-the-grid sources. From Residential homes to large mW size systems. KI Energy can design the system to  best fit your needs.




How CHP Works
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