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Economic Savings

As electric prices continue to increase, you can benefit from significant utility bill cost savings by switching to abundant natural gas or propane.

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Energy Efficiency

By utilizing a highly efficient engine and capturing nearly all of the remaining energy as heat, the CHP system can be up to 3 times as efficient as current centralized power plant.


Low Operation Noise

These recorded levels are a low as a new home dish washer even standing beside them you can talk without raising your voice


Easy Installation

With a comprehensive technical training curriculum developed certified technicians prepared in all phases of design, installation, commissioning and service.

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Energy Independence

By using a CHP system as your primary power source, you are no longer solely reliant on the grid for your viability or personal comfort. You now have the option to have power when the grid fails or in remote areas not currently served.


Environmentally Friendly

By using energy efficiently, your carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as 50% over conventional means. According to U.S. EPA CHP Partnership calculations, a 10kW  heat and power system can reduce enough greenhouse gases to offset the carbon footprint of seven cars on U.S. roads.


High Functionality

CHP’s with blackout start option, can ensure your heat and electricity remain uninterrupted even during a blackout. High efficiency inverters convert the CHP’s generated electrical output into DC voltage and frequency with built-in protection and a synchronization device required for grid interconnections.


High Reliability

Based on proven engine technology and experience in CHP design, installation and service support, we are able to provide customers with manufacturer standard warranty and variety of optional Product Protection plans for up to 90,000 operating hours.

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