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Gas VRF what is it ?

What is gas VRF? It is a VRF system that uses Natural gas as it's main fuel source. Variable Refrigerant Flow technology that uses refrigerant as the cooling and heating medium. The refrigerant is conditioned by the outdoor condensing unit and circulated within the building to multiple indoor fan coil units where heat and cool air are distributed. VRF systems can be configured for ducted or non-ducted applications, so indoor fan coil units maybe installed in any space. Another VRF advantage is the ability for each area to be controlled by it's own thermostat. This allows individual zones to have varying temperatures at the same time, and allows for simultaneous heating and cooling. 

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Best in Class Warranty
5 Years / 20,000 Hours Parts (Excludes Compressor)
1 Year / 4,000 Hour Labor Warranty
7 Years / 28,000 Hour Compressor Warranty
The above references which ever comes first 
All Indoor fan coils and Accessories 1 Year from date of Commissioning 

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