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KI Energy and Our Partners 

KI Energy has partnered with the worldwide leaders in energy solutions . CHP systems are for both heat and power from a rated 1.5kW residential system to multi MW systems to meet even the most power hungry applications. Methane, waste water system, and biogas systems are available with CHP as well. Battery systems for all your energy storage needs are available for CHP and generator systems sized to fit your needs to reduce fuel costs and add additional savings to reach your savings goals. Generators from residential backup power to entire village power plants. Our designs with our energy partners are to ensure that no matter how big or small the system, it will be there even during the coldest Alaska winters and never fail you when you need it, even during major earthquakes. KI Energy works closely with all of our partners to ensure that all of your energy needs are met in the most energy efficient and cost effective manner.

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