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Projects In Alaska

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TransAlaska LATEST REPORT 2020


Wrangell Saint Elias.jpg
Rangers Station



The first Yanmar project in the US is located inside Wrangell St. Elias National Park at the airport and ranger station. The project is a very important part of the parks requirement to move away from diesel fuel usage. The 5kW system that is installed is a propane system and is also completely off grid as there is no utility power at the station. The CHP system is also integrated with batteries and solar. The CHP system produces the required heat and electricity for the facility inside the park. The ranger station just received it's first Maintenance in 2020 after 10Years of run time

TransAlaska 2.png
Knikatnu Inc.  (Transalaska Building)

The first 35kW system installed in Alaska. This system has been installed in the TransAlaska building since October of 2016 and as of January 2020 it has completely paid of the Investment of $111,000 for the installation of the Yanmar system and the building required electrical upgrades. It has also reached over 30,000hrs of run time and has been operating flawlessly, exceeding all expectations. Original projected payback was 60mo. The system has paid itself off in 40mo. 

Eklutna Clinic.jpg
Native Village of Eklutna 
(Eklutna Clinic)


The Native village of Eklutna installed a 5kW Yanmar CHP system in the Clinic to reduce the energy requirements from the clinic on the local utility grid. This system has been up and operating as expected by the Clinic since its commissioning in January 2020. 

KnikTribe 10Kw20191025_154755.jpg
Knik Tribe
(Benteh Building)



The Knik tribal counsel installed a 10kW Yanmar system into there Benteh development facility. This CHP system was designed to effectively take the facility to a Net Zero energy building purchasing 0 electric from the utility. This facility was commissioned and has been up and running since January 2020

AVI Install (2).jpg
Alaska Village Initiatives

AVI is Alaska’s largest and oldest community development corporation, created with the mission to promote growth and reduce barriers to economic development in Rural Alaska by President Johnson’s War on Poverty Act, in 1968. AVI’s mission is achieved by working interdependently with its membership that include Alaska’s Tribes and ANCSA Corporations..

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