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2021Training Schedule 

CP10 Basic 3/8/21

CP10 Installation 3/9/21

CP10 Commissioning 3/1021

CP35 Basic 4/5/21

CP35 Installation 4/6/21

CP35 Commissioning 4/7/21


Utility Analysis


KI Energy's Utility Analysis provide prospective customers with projected financial savings estimates, payback period (in years), internal rate of return (IRR) and an annual cash flow projection. Based on the additional information that you provide, the Utility Analysis can assist you in making a “go” or “no go” decision regarding the proposed CHP project. After working with a KI Energy representative to begin the process of collecting additional information about your potential installation site, they will work with you to develop, review and discuss the completed analysis, so that you have the information you need to make an informed decision about your potential project.

System Design


Your KI Energy representative can assist in the various requirements for a successful design. Installation drawings, drawings for local permitting, discussions with local utility and county inspectors, and interconnection paperwork requirements. Your KI Energy representative will be there all the way through the process from beginning to end.

Project Management


Your KI Energy representative is also there for you during the construction phase of the project to ensure that the system goes in and is commissioned properly. Working hand in hand with contractors, sub contractors, and the end user to ensure that the CHP system you choose will be installed correctly and will maximize the payback for your building. 

Installation available upon request.

After Sales Services


KI Energy will be there for all of your Warranty, Maintenance, and Service needs. KI Energy gets an email from each system for any issues that may arise as well as when it is time for maintenance. This allows for the most optimal run time for your CHP System(s). With many after service programs available that can extend the systems warranty period to 90,000hrs.   

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